How are Sudspenser systems installed?

Installation and operating instructions are provided for both the Sudspenser pump and gravity models, also available on-line to purchasers at http://www.sudspenser.com.

What is the difference between the pump and gravity model systems?

The pump system is designed to pump detergent from a storage location BELOW the top of the washer. The gravity (DetergentMiser) model is designed to operate from a storage location ABOVE the top of the washer.

How much detergent is dispensed at each cycle and is it adjustable?

Detergent manufacturers recommend 1-1/2 ounces for a normal wash. All SudSpenser models dispense that amount, flow then stops, you cannot overfill. For less detergent release wand lever before cycle ends. For more detergent complete a 2nd cycle.

What if I need to pre-spot clothes with detergent prior to wash?

Very simple, remove wand from holder, press lever to spot clothes with the desired amount, return wand to holder.

Will Sudspenser systems work for fabric softener or bleach?

Fabric softener is approved for use with all Sudspenser systems. While Sudspenser models will dispense bleach we do not recommend they be used for that, solely from a safety aspect.

I need a longer dispensing hose than the 5’ supplied?

While standard models feature a 5’ or 6’ dispensing hose contact the factory to request special features i.e. additional length hose, lower or higher capacity dispensing volumes. We will strive to design a system to meet your requirements.

What is the SudSpenser warranty?

Each SudSpenser system is warranted against material or labor defects for six months from date of shipment, specifics are stated in the installation and operating instructions.